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The industrial generator set is undoubtedly one of the best solutions for use on farms, whether as a power source, support for irrigation facilities or livestock farming. Being indispensable when the electrical supply is not possible or there are periodic faults in the electrical supply.

Although renewable energies (solar energy, wind energy, etc.) are gradually expanding in all areas, even today, the generator set is the most used solution in this sector.

Let us see what characteristics should be taken into account when acquiring a generator for use with irrigation systems.


It is advisable to select a generator set for irrigation systems to opt for a reliable, high performance and high durability equipment that provides uninterrupted power throughout the irrigation process.

Since the irrigation process is usually a prolonged process that requires several hours of use per day, the best alternative is to opt for a diesel generator of continuous power, since this type of equipment are capable of running uninterrupted for long periods of time.

It is advisable to choose a quick and easy start to avoid unnecessary waiting times.

Generador diesel insonorizado


When purchasing a generator for irrigation, we have to evaluate a number of fundamental aspects always taking into account the needs and the different factors that can affect our installation:


Obviously the power of the generator set will vary depending on the power of the irrigation pumps and machinery that we have installed in the irrigation system. It is advisable to correctly select the power of the generator set so that it can withstand all the power that we have installed in our circuit of irrigation. Calculating the required power that we are going to need is not a complicated task as we saw in the previous article, power calculation of a generator set. We recommend you read the article carefully for a correct calculation of the power.

Remember that in order to avoid problems, always keep the following factors in mind when calculating:

It is always necessary to calculate the power of the machine connected to the group at the time of the start, since it is when it offers a greater consumption of power, although this peak of consumption hardly lasts a few seconds.

It is advisable that the generator does not work above 80% of its total capacity to guarantee a prolonged life of the machine.


Depending on the final location where the generator set is installed, especially in installations near urban or suburban areas, or if during the irrigation process other work is performed in the area around the generator set, it is advisable to have a good soundproofing to avoid discomfort due to high noise levels. Remember that any source of noise that rises above 90 dBA can be harmful to health and can cause serious problems and / or disorders in the body.


It must be taken into account that the climatic factor and the environmental conditions that the generator set has to support can influence the operation of the generator set. For example for every 5 degrees of temperature above 20 degrees centigrade can reduce up to 2% of the power of the group and similar for lower temperatures.

For this reason and the previous one, in installations carried out outdoors it is necessary to equip the generating set with a cabin adapted to each situation, so as to mitigate as far as possible the excess noise and adverse weather conditions.


This point was addressed in an earlier article, buy a generator, diesel or gasoline? We recommend you read it.

Summarizing the article that we discussed above, we say that for generators of prolonged use as is the case that concerns us, we will always opt for a diesel generator set. The money we will save on fuel due to the large number of hours that will be in operation will more than compensate for the price increase in the purchase, repairs, spare parts and maintenance of a diesel engine.

For irrigation systems of very sporadic use with very short periods of activity, a gasoline generator may be more profitable, although these will be very specific cases.


Many generators manufacturers include, in most of their models, portability options. The possibility of moving the generating set where its use is required, gives us great adaptability, which is a great advantage over static models.

We can find in the market some manufacturers that can adapt static models, so that they have this characteristic.


This factor is not usually taken into account by the buyers when making the purchase and possibly is the one that offers us the most advantages.

Thanks to the electrical panel and / or control panel we can automate the irrigation processes, being able to program the start, duration, frequency, etc., allowing a greater control and saving of the irrigation system.

The latest technologies incorporated in the manufacture of generator sets, and in the integration of generator control panels, are enabling the main functions of the generator set and its components to be controlled from mobile devices, tablets or PC’s, from anywhere in the world through the internet.

This technology also allows us to be fully informed of the current status of the group, with alerts and warnings in case of breakdowns or failures in the equipment.


To sum up, a diesel generator of continuous power, which has a Soundproof cab from the weather and reduce noise will be our best choice to integrate into our irrigation system. And if it is possible that it has a control panel of last generation that allows a good configuration of the working times of the group, while it informs us of any problem or breakdown, it will greatly increase the functionality of our purchase.

As always it is advisable to be advised by the commercial of your usual store and if possible by a technician specialized in the sector.


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