Tecnics Carpi Dakar, S.A.R.L.

The Company

Founded in 2016, Tecnics Carpi Dakar is a Senegalese company, subsidiary of Tenics Grupos Electrogenos, dedicated to the import and distribution of power generation equipment in the African continent.

The company offers to the market a wide range of diesel and gasoline generating sets, (mainly designed and manufactured by Tecnics Generating Groups in Spain), control panels and systems of operation in island or parallel to supply emergency energy and continued energy, as well as Generators to meet demands for energy peaks and distributed energy.

It has its own technical service and a large stock of components and spare parts, motors and altenadores inclusive, that allows to quickly give solution to any fault.

Products and services are adapted to all types of customers, from individuals to large multinationals, covering all types of industrial, commercial, hosterlero sanitario, public bodies, etc.

It has presence in mainly in the African market. Tecnics Carpi Dakar, is backed by the experience and technical team of Tecnics Grupos Electrogenos, which allows to apply a philosophy of company of continuous expansion, increasing each year the resources dedicated to expand in market.