Tecnics Carpi, has an extensive after-sales service, oriented to follow the product throughout his working life.

Maintenance contracts with periodic checks of the generator set and its installation make it possible to keep the equipment up and extend its useful life for many years.

The inclusion of new technologies in the design of the groups that it manufactures allows a 24h / 7 monitoring of the operation of the group and analyze its current state without the need to travel to the client’s premises, reducing costs in the service that This entails. This also improves significantly the prevention of failures or breakdowns, allowing them to detect them in advance, enabling a technical intervention to repair such failures or failures, avoiding major problems.

Technical Service

Tecnics Carpi, has more than 50 associated SAT points (Technical Assistance Service) in national and international territory, guaranteeing a technical support of quality.

It has highly qualified technicians who carry out installation, start-up, assistance and repair work. Supporting the customer both telephone and “In Situ”, depending on the circumstances, to solve any kind of setback that happens to your generator in a fast and effective.

It has a large warehouse of more than 1000 m2 with a wide range of spare parts and spare parts, motors and alternators inclusive, which allows a quick solution to most problems and problems that arise.