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Suministres Tecnics, S.L.

Founded in 1954 as Recambios Carpi and renamed Suminitres Tecnics in 1995, it is a Spanish company, dedicated to the distribution of industrial supply and machinery.

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Tecnics Grupos Electrógenos, S.L.

Founded in 1955, Tecnics Grupos Electrógenos is a Spanish company with international projection dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of power generation equipment.

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The ability to analyze the specific needs of each client, combined with the possibility of custom adaptation of the product, allows to obtain the best results in the most complex projects.


The permanent investment in R + D + I, allows to modernize periodically manufacturing processes, products and services. This allows Tecnics Carpi to be at the forefront of innovation in the sector.


Tecnics Carpi has a team of professionals with long experience in the sector. These professionals advise each client on the products or services that best fit their needs.


Knowing the client and collaborating with them proactively, professionally and transparently, help create the climate of mutual trust that characterizes Tecnics Carpi.

Industrial Supply

Tecnics Carpi, has more than 60 years of experience in the Industrial Supply sector.
It supplies to individuals and companies, more than 75,000 references of the first brands.

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Generating sets

Tecnics Carpi, has more than 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture and sale of custom generator sets.
The generator set is designed and manufactured from scratch if the project or the technical characteristics require it.

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Maintenance and Technical Service

Tecnics Carpi, has more than 50 SAT points associated in national and international territory.
It has an extensive after-sales service, oriented to follow the product throughout its working life.

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Request information and quote, without commitment, for any of our products or services, by email, our contact form or by phone. Our specialized technicians will advise, advise and propose solutions adapted to your needs.
Get Tranquility, Security and Reliability in your business, premises or housing, installing a generator set, Because Tranquility, Security and Reliability is not worth as much as you think.
Técnics Grupos Electrógenos,
We offer all our customers, Attention, Service and Quality, because the price is not the only thing that counts.
Suministres Técnics, S. L.,

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